How To Make Your Woman Orgasm – Learn How To Get Into the Right Position For Her


Everyone has their opinion on what the best position is for having sex and their personal favorites


But today, I am going to put forward a case for the most popular Prone Bone in the world today, the missionary position. Truly, the Prone position may just be the most sexually stimulating position ever, and I am going to do my best to convince you of this in this article.


Let me start out by saying that the missionary position can make for a very great sexual experience. It allows you to penetrate a woman deep, and the woman's body is relaxed and open to receive your tongue. This position gives her the sensation of being stretched out, which also can give her the sensation of being "in a cocoon."


In fact, many women claim that having sex in the prone position can lead to orgasms. The fact of the matter is that the prone position allows your tongue to go down deep into her body. This allows you to explore her sensitive spots, which can lead to her being able to reach orgasm. Now, there are a lot of men out there who have this misconception that because the man is lying on his back, he cannot reach the vagina.


If you were not lying on your back during intercourse, then you would be able to reach her cervix. But, if you are lying on your back, then you will be able to reach her pubic bone. Now, if you are lying on your stomach, then you would be able to reach her uterus. Either way, you would have access to the most sensitive parts of a woman's body in one fell swoop.


Now, some men out there believe that the only reason women are able to reach orgasm is because they are lying on their backs, which means that their hips must stay locked in place. While this can be true, there is another thing that you can do that can help improve your chances of orgasm greatly.



Keep in mind that if you are a man, you are supposed to keep your mouth on the clitoris, which makes the G spot more sensitive. . Also, if you have a g-spot orgasm, then you can use your tongue and lips to stimulate the vagina.


Another tip that will improve your chances of reaching orgasm is that when you are thrusting your penis into her vagina, you should not focus on her pubic bone, but on the clitoris instead. This can make for a much more pleasurable experience for her. Once you get used to it, you will notice that your thrusting speed becomes more powerful, especially during intercourse.


There are two ways that you can do to get into the prone position, by either lying on your back or lying on your stomach


If you want to lie on your back, then you simply roll onto your side and allow your penis to enter her body through her vagina and you can then spread her open with your legs. Then, you simply have to pull the scrotum back in order to allow your tongue to go down deep into her body. When you are in the prone position, you simply roll onto your stomach and use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris.


If you are lying on your stomach, then you just have to move your upper body around to give your hips a nice angle to allow your tongue to be able to go deeper into her body. Once you feel her starting to climax, you simply have to gently guide your tongue all the way down into her vagina and stimulate her clitoris. As you are working your way down inside her, you will be able to increase your tempo and make sure that you are pleasuring her as much as possible.


You will also notice that there are sex positions that allow for the use of your hands, as well as sex positions that do not. The most common sex positions for men include the missionary position, the doggy position, and the doggy-style position. Now, the only way for women is to move their legs when doing these sex positions. It is up to you as to which position you prefer.


For the best results, you should try using a combination of the different sexual positions that are available to you. In the end, there are two different options: one, you could either try to use the prone position and use your fingers, or two, you could try the missionary position and use your tongue. By using both, you can improve your chances of being able to bring her to an orgasm.

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