Spleen Pain – Symptoms and Types of Spleen Pain

Spleen pain is often felt as a sharp pain below the left rib. It can also be very tender if you even touch the area around the pain. This is a warning sign of an injured or ruptured spleen.


The spleen is a hollow organ located below the diaphragm. It is responsible for producing the bile that is secreted into the digestive system. The spleen is located in the center of the abdomen. The spleen is connected to the lungs and heart.


Spleen and stomach pain can sometimes be caused by an infection. Sometimes the spleen is enlarged or irritated by infection. A common cause of spleen pain can be an infection of the kidneys, gallbladder or liver.


Another common cause of spleen pain is injury to the spleen, specifically the diaphragm


This area is made up of organs and blood vessels that help move the urine from the bladder. If there is a sudden or sharp pain in this area it can indicate a severe spleen problem.


If you have spleen pain, it is important to go see a doctor. This can help the doctor determine if a surgical procedure is needed. A general anesthetic can help in this situation.


If the spleen pain is mild it can usually be treated with over the counter pain medication. However, if it is causing more pain than this medication can provide it is important to consult with a doctor.


If a doctor suspects that spleen problems are the cause of your spleen pain, it is necessary to undergo a series of simple medical tests. The doctor will take a complete blood count and urine test to rule out a urinary tract infection.


In order to determine whether there is a spleen problem a medical history of the patient should be thoroughly investigated. It is also important to make sure that the spleen pain continues for more than a few days.


There are a number of tests that can determine if spleen pain is caused by illness, injury, or something else. When a doctor determines the cause of spleen pain, they can effectively treat the condition.


During a physical examination, the doctor may order an x-ray to make an accurate diagnosis. The anesthesiologist will also perform a special test, which involves injecting a substance to temporarily numb the spleen.


A test called a pneumonogram is used to determine if there is a blockage in the spleen. When a blockage occurs, it is easier to identify and treat. X-rays are also used to see the extent of damage to the spleen.


Ultrasound can also be used to detect damage to the spleen if the pain in the spleen is caused by an infection. The purpose of this test is to show if a particular disease or complication has caused other harm.


X-rays can also show if there is any damage to the spleen. If there is damage to the spleen, the presence of blood flow through the organ can tell if this is the cause of pain in the spleen.


Blood tests will determine if the spleen has any other problems causing spleen pain. X-rays can show if the spleen is full or not, and if the spleen is damaged. On the website https://hyundai-motor.co.th/ you can find out more information about health.



A blood test can help determine if the spleen pain is caused by an infection. Infections cause a spleen pain when they interfere with the blood flow to the spleen. Once an infection has been identified, antibiotics may be given.


A CT scan can show if there is damage in the spleen, which is the main reason for spleen pain. This scan can be helpful in diagnosing an infection that is causing spleen pain.


Spleen pain can be very debilitating. It may be caused by an infection that is in the lungs, stomach or kidneys. Other medical conditions that can cause spleen pain are tumors, infections and cancerous cells.





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