What Is a Pulse Oximeter?

The Asma-X respiratory analyzer is a portable, easy-to-operate tool that allows you or your child to test airway function in your home, at work or at school anytime you need to. The Asma-X measures peak expiratory volume (PEV).


The Asma-X measures the peak expiratory volume, which is also known as PEV. This is the maximum amount of air that can be exuded by the airway. When a child has difficulty breathing, it is generally because his lungs are unable to maintain sufficient ventilation.


The Asma-X will indicate how many decibels per second the unit will measure the PEV. A higher number indicates greater discomfort. If the unit does not measure enough PEV, then the child may be experiencing a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. It is characterized by interruptions in breathing during deep sleep and occurs as a result of obstruction in the upper airway.


When this condition is not addressed, then the air passages become progressively smaller, and breathing becomes more difficult to perform. The airways gradually narrow, thus resulting in the airway's narrowing even when breathing through normal breathing techniques. Sleep apnea usually causes the person to stop breathing for several seconds, until he or she breathes normally again.


When an Asma X is used to test for obstructive sleep apnea, it will display an LED light. The light will flash rapidly, which means that the motor will be activated to measure the airway's dimensions. After the light flashes, the computer screen will show the percentage of air flow that was allowed through the breathing passages.


If the motor does not allow enough air to be allowed to pass through the breathing passages, the Asma X will display a reading of zero, indicating that there is not enough airflow. for adequate ventilation.


The Asma X can be used to test several types of conditions, including the following: asthmatic attacks, allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic sinusitis, COPD or emphysema, asthma, dyspnea, heart failure, and lung cancer. It can also be used to test for lung infection.


The Asma X will not give results directly, but will tell you how many decibels per minute the airway can hold. – it is measured by the AsmaX. This is referred to as the peak expiratory volume, or PEV.


In addition to measuring the airway's size, the Asma X will also give you other information about your breathing patterns, such as whether you breathe during the night or during the day. It will also give you information about how you breathe during different activities.


During sleep, the Asma X will monitor the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the lungs


The Asma X will record the amount of carbon dioxide that is being exhaled, the amount of oxygen that are being exhaled, and how long it takes to go out.


When an Asma X is used to test for asthma, the Asma X will test for the air that your lungs are able to hold in the stomach. When the heart rate is monitored, the Asma X will help doctors know if your lungs are functioning properly and if your lungs are getting the oxygen they need.


When a child has a lung infection, it will be tested by the Asma X as well. Your doctor may want to monitor your breathing for a while to check for infections. When an Asma X is used to test for lung disease, it will measure the amount of oxygen that is being taken in and the amount of carbon dioxide that is being breathed out.


The Asma X is a pulse oximeter and a digital video monitor. It works in a similar manner as a pulse oximeter, but it also monitors your blood oxygen levels.

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